Website Hosting

We offer hassle-free website hosting, and take care of the digital groundwork so you can focus on your bread-and-butter business.

If your domain is your digital street address, think of your website host as the plot of pixelated space your online home is built upon. Your site’s webhost stores all the files, plugins, and infrastructure underpinning WordPress, allowing visitors to access your site anytime, anywhere.

The Perils Of Low-Cost, Do-It-Yourself Hosting

Choosing cheap or low-quality web hosting can lead to a slew of issues. From sluggish loading speeds and frequent downtime, to a complete lack of security or technobabble-heavy support from overseas, the pitfalls are endless. Your website’s performance may suffer, impacting user experience and potentially driving visitors away.

Host Better With Human Factor Digital

With fully managed website hosting starting at just $100 per month, we’ll make sure your site performs no matter your traffic demands.


20+ Years Of WordPress Hosting Expertise

We’re WordPress wizards who know the ins and outs of hosting. We’ll make sure your site runs well, and automate backups so you never lose data to a server crash.

Peace of Mind

Leave the technical stuff to us. Don’t worry about PHP errors or bandwidth limits – we’ve got you covered, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Secure, Reliable Hosting

We implement top-notch security measures to keep your site safe from cyber threats and hackers.

Server Optimization

We optimize all our hosted sites for fast loading speeds, to keep your visitors happy and engaged.


Regular Updates Included

We’ll handle all the server updates and maintenance tasks, ensuring your site stays online and secure 24/7/365.


We Speak Plain English

Do you speak technobabble? You shouldn’t have to in order to keep your site live and running well. We’ll take care of the ins and outs of hosting and manage it all.