One-Page Website Pricing Guide

Although each client and project are different, we know it is nigh on impossible for a client to figure out if we're a good fit for you without any idea of what a Human Factor Digital website costs, given a few basic facts.
Elisabeth Donoghue

Elisabeth Donoghue

April 9, 2024

Let’s say you have a sizzling hot idea and need a great, simple website. You’re not interested in adding a ton of features, posts, or pages, and you need an affordable and reliable service provider who can launch in 4-6 weeks.

The good news is we are big fans of transparency! So today, let’s talk about typical project costs for our One-Page Website and what can move that needle up or down. While we probably aren’t the cheapest option on the internet, we are humans who have been building websites for more than 20 years: we take pride in delivering exceptional and responsive service tailored to your project, we are Austin locals, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

What Is A One-Page Website?

A One-Page Website is a single webpage at your custom domain, containing all the essential information about your business or personal brand. Think of a one-page website as a digital business card to make a memorable impression on visitors. It’s perfect for individuals, startups, or small businesses looking to establish their home on the internet. Whether you’re showcasing a portfolio, resume, or single service offering, a one-page website provides a concise platform to highlight key information and engage visitors effectively.

What Does A One-Page Website Typically Include?

While short and sweet in format, a One-Page Website can still incorporate many key features your audience expects. These may include:

  • Clear and concise navigation sections for easy scrolling
  • Eye-catching visuals such as images or videos to grab attention
  • Brief descriptions of your services, products, or skills
  • Contact information or a contact form for easy communication
  • Social media links to connect with visitors on other platforms
  • A call-to-action (CTA) prompting visitors to take a specific action, including contacting you for more information or booking your services

What Does A One-Page Website Cost?

Our typical One-Page Website pricing starts at $3,000, billed up front. This base price assumes:

  • You have prepared up to 150 words of website copy
  • You have outlined the content you’d like to include
  • You have already set up social media accounts
  • You already have a logo and established brand
  • You have all your graphics ready
  • You don’t want to accept payments on your site
  • You need email for one user, not a team
  • You are not a registered non-profit or charitable organization
  • You are not a veteran of the United States military
  • You are not a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin

Why Would My One-Page Website Cost More?

No copy, outline, social accounts, brand, or graphics? No problem. We can help you craft compelling and engaging content, or polish up your legacy assets and brand. Indeed, coupling a new website with a rebrand of your existing offerings is a great way to save money on both projects.

Interested in launching a visually simple but feature-rich website that can accept payments, include more pages, or offer a feature not included in our base price? We’ve got your back – and are happy to provide a quote at no cost after our free project consultation.

Need professional emails for more than one person? We set up and manage POP, IMAP, or Microsoft Exchange email for users and groups at $8 per user per month.

Need your website in under six weeks, guaranteed? While we can often accommodate an accelerated launch, the fee to speed-launch will depend on our availability, your project complexity, and your desired launch timeline. Book that free 30-minute discovery call for current availability and pricing.

Why Would My One-Page Website Cost Less?

Human Factor Digital offers a 10% discount to registered charitable organizations, UT Austin graduates, and military veterans with proof of eligibility. Secure your discount by emailing proof of your status (i.e., IRS 501(c)3 exemption determination letter, a photo of your degree, or a scan of your DD 214) when we schedule your free project consultation and we’ll list your savings on our project proposal.

And because we are human after all, occasionally we do projects at a reduced rate for the causes and people close to our hearts. We don’t work for free, but we do love seeing friends succeed!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a callback today!

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